Projects and Related Achievements

Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) has been working in Addis Ababa City Administration and Oromiya Regional State on different development activities. It has recorded demonstrative project achievements in line with fulfilling its mission. The projects under implementation can only be taken as a beginning for SVO to the journey of abject poverty reduction in Ethiopia. These service giving and research development projects intended to effectively serve target populations and are planned to pull other resources. Self demonstrative nature of these projects reflect SVO’s inherent commitment in the areas of effectiveness, transparency, integrity, competence, equity, human dignity, local resource mobilization, self-reliance, community based sustainable development, and etc. The activities of each of these projects are highlighted here- under:

  1. Teklahaimanot Area Self Help Project
  2. Positive Outcomes for Orphans Research Project
  3. Center for Aids Research Project
  4. Social Network Analysis Research Project
  5. Teklahaimanot Area Community Cooperative Bank Project
  6. SVO ET-001 Burayu Child Development Project
  7. SVO ET-002 Teklahaimanot Area Child Sponsorship Project
  8. SVO ET-003 Ambo Child Development Project
  9. SVO ET-004 Ambo Spring of Hope Child Development Project
  10. SVO ET Ambo Sharon Child Development Village Project
  11. Bako Gudina Walkite Youth Development Project