Message from Executive Director

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Partners:


Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) is a non-profit-making and non-political organization focusing on child development. It was established with a clear vision committed to produce a generation determined neither to yield to nor accept poverty in any of its agonizing forms. SVO strongly believes that the persistent cycle of poverty must be broken somewhere, and its root causes eliminated by adopting the best and most effective strategy- investment on the proper development of children. The result of this strategic investment is indeed a guaranteed “savings”- savings on the precious lives of children. Investing on the social, emotional, intellectual and mental development of a child is a true investment on the future development of a country. Children have the potential to think, to develop plans, and to implement these plans if given the right care and training, and if taught to discharge their duties with a high sense responsibility and discipline. Investment on the development of children is, therefore, an investment on the production of trained and responsible citizens who are capable and ready to take their full share of responsibility in the growth and development of their country, and also to make themselves self-reliant, thereby blocking the steady progress of the most destructive enemy of the country – poverty.

SVO, while focusing on child development, is also engaged in all other development activities making the child the center of all kinds of development interventions which include also family and community empowerment, without which it would be impossible to improve child development. The main areas of environment interventions of SVO are, accordingly, child, family, and community, in that order of priority, with a particular emphasis on child-focused interventions. All development activities of SVO are geared not towards “child development” per se but rather on “child-focused” development, which would include other areas which impact child development.

The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) is committed to strategically work on the empowerment of the target beneficiaries – children – in a way that would inculcate a spirit of independence and self-reliance in them. It is SVO’s conviction to fight traditionally in-built systems that encourage dependency through building confidence, self- esteem and a positive attitude both in the beneficiaries as well as in development stakeholders. To achieve these objectives, SVO will seek the assistance and close collaboration of the relevant government agencies, religious and community leaders, donors and other stakeholders. This partnership strategy has already enabled SVO to grow vibrantly to accomplish its mission.

The traditional systems that encourage dependency syndrome and degrade self- esteem should be discouraged to enable the target communities to fully exploit their potential for mobilizing the resources that are already available to them in the local environment. These resources include social, capital and, indigenous knowledge which are all very critical to help them to earn their livelihood without the need to look for assistance from external support. Most communities erroneously consider themselves to be poor simply because they are not aware of the values and importance values of the resources they possess. Hence, we strongly believe that enhancing the awareness of the members of the community on the local resources and helping them to change their attitude would enable them to significantly improve their destiny.

The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) believes external resources should be used as an injection as a last resort after the target beneficiaries have exhausted their local resources. SVO firmly believes that this is a practical and effective strategy to restore communities to a healthy status thereby helping the nation to secure and enjoy a sustainable development. The mission of the Stand for Vulnerable Organization is, therefore, not only to address gaps of material poverty, but also poverty in the areas of social, psychological, spiritual and emotional dimensions. These multifaceted gaps can be addressed by producing a new generation that is endowed with the will and capacity to effectively face these formidable challenges. SVO’s concern is not limited to only feeding and providing other basic necessities to children, but also to enable them to release their full potential for the growth and development of their country.

SVO leadership is committed to the realization of the national transformation and when they see children they are prompted to envisage the treasure that is hidden in them –treasure that will bring Ethiopia out of poverty and secure her transformation. To that end, SVO is strategically building the capacity of its leadership. We are convinced and trust God that He will help us in our efforts to bring about a positive change to our country: we may not be able to achieve our objective today, but with His help, and the dedication and commitment of the new generation, we can do it tomorrow!

This is why SVO firmly believes that child- focused investment is the best strategy if we want to secure a holistic development for our country and we invite all development agencies and partners of SVO, around the globe, to join hands with us to collectively fight poverty through conducting development projects such as child development, women and community empowerment, access to potable water and sanitation, environmental protection and basic infrastructure, and capacity building activities.

Thanking you for your commitment and collaboration,


Misganaw Eticha Dubie

Founder and Executive Director

Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO)