Vision, Mission, Objective


The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) aspires to see promoted justice, economically prosperous, secured social welfare and environmentally safe Ethiopia through raising a new generation.


The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) exists to address economic, social, health, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of children to raise a new generation that curves poverty to prosperity.


The objective of Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) is realizing wholistic child development to raise a new generation that is productive and future leader of the country.

Core values

  • Integrity: SVO commits itself to be faithful for all resources and other things entrusted to its hands from donors and partners. It is responsible to manage the resources for the glory of God and benefit of the target people.
  • Impartiality: SVO works for fair access of its beneficiaries  to better  livelihood, education, resources and other social services; and full participation  and determination of meeting their  basic needs and  sustainable development irrespective of political, religious and ethnic differences.
  • Excellence: SVO maximize its capacity not to compete but to achieve best outcomes in delivering its services through committed and skilful staff, leading them well to be effective and efficient in serving people. The organization also maximizes quality relationship with its beneficiary communities and all other stakeholders to meet its challenging development goals in a way that they can be achieved and sustainable. SVO facilitates working environment for its staff members so that they are able to make best use of their God -given potential in   order to convey best outcomes for the achievement of goal of the organization.
  • Community empowerment: SVO strives to enable beneficiary communities to discover and identify their God-given potential so that they actively participate in decision making on their own development affairs in all development activities taking place among them. SVO strongly values of enabling them to work for themselves than enabling them to get work done.
  • Self-reliance: SVO believes that any support that is given to the vulnerable beneficiaries must target their self-sustenance in a certain planned period of time. The support may include both life saving and livelihood improvement to self-reliance.
  • Local resource mobilization: SVO believes that there is no community entirely poor but lack some resources with and around it. Therefore, SVO strives to utilize local resources that include indigenous knowledge, scattered/scarce financial and material resources owned by the beneficiaries and their communities, locally available skills and materials from government and non-government organizations as major sources of development start- ups while external resources and assistances remain filling gaps that local resources may not attain. It values the capacity of beneficiary communities to mobilize what they already have in their areas before searching from external resources.

Key Priority

Saving the lives of vulnerable and leading them to self- reliance!