Message from Executive Director

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Partners:


Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) is a non-profit-making and non-political organization focusing on child development. It was established with a clear vision committed to produce a generation determined neither to yield to nor accept poverty in any of its agonizing forms. SVO strongly believes that the persistent cycle of poverty must be broken somewhere, and its root causes eliminated by adopting the best and most effective strategy- investment on the proper development of children. The result of this strategic investment is indeed a guaranteed “savings”- savings on the precious lives of children. Investing on the social, emotional, intellectual and mental development of a child is a true investment on the future development of a country. Children have the potential to think, to develop plans, and to implement these plans if given the right care and training, and if taught to discharge their duties with a high sense responsibility and discipline. Investment on the development of children is, therefore, an investment on the production of trained and responsible citizens who are capable and ready to take their full share of responsibility in the growth and development of their country, and also to make themselves self-reliant, thereby blocking the steady progress of the most destructive enemy of the country – poverty. … Read More